The 2014 'Journeys' poster.

The 2014 ‘Journeys’ poster.

How to Take A Step for HMD 2014

‘Journeys’ is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014.

On HMD 2014, we can learn how journeys themselves became part of genocide, and how the journeys undertaken were often experiences of persecution and terror for so many people who suffered in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution and in the subsequent genocides.

We can also learn about the life stories of journeys that brought survivors to the UK and how, in many instances, journeys of return have been part of the experience of rebuilding.

Find out more at the website of the UK HMD Trust.

What else can you do?

See a powerful video here http://journeys.hmd.org.uk/ and take a virtual step for HMD.

Discuss what you learn with people of all ages, especially young people.

Find out more at www.hmd.org.uk , http://holocaustcentre.net/ or http://www.aegistrust.org/ on genocide prevention, to name a few resources.

Share your thoughts and ideas using the Twitter hashtag #BristolHMD.

Take part in the HMD 2014 art competition (includes children aged 7 and above) http://drawinginspiration.hmd.org.uk/.

We need you! Help ensure that HMD continues to be commemorated in Bristol by joining the steering group or volunteering some time. Get in touch bristolhmd@gmail.comand explore what you can do.